Felix Argyle
"Fuck me Daddy"




Take a hint




8 outta 10


Chef BOYARDEE (Official) Great Days (4kids Dub)


Felix also known as the gay but not gay trap was a knight in Crusch's Empire who was a ranking member

After the Waifu War broke out he was separated from Crusch's Army and found his way to Fright Side which is where he started a new life

After going shopping he dropped his mini Raviolis can that rolled into the street after he went to receive it he went back to his apartment

He was playing poker with his friends from work when one of them invited Giorno to play. After a few rounds Gio thought it would be cool to add a girl to his gang which he then shot Felix with the arrow because they were recreating that one scene out of the movie Grown Ups starring Adam Sandler

Felix later informed Gio he was a boy but Gio responded with "I'd still fuck it"


  • [Water magic] After training and opening his gate he learned how to use Water Powers which he uses PURley for healing and memes
  • [Stand] His Stand is named Chef BOYARDEE which gives him the power to create a nice healthy bowl of Chef Boyardee
  • [Waifu Appearance] Because he's a Cutey Patooty he can use his charm and appearance to seduce people and create memes

Waifu Wars

Coming Soon


  • Holy fuck he's a cutey
  • He's a boy haha you're gay
  • His Stand shares the same name as the first person to walk on the moon Chef BOYARDEE
  • His stand's name was changed in the 4kids dub because it was too violent
  • ya'll gay af

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