**Warning this page contains SPOILERS for Team Dipper, please turn back now if you want the secret to be revealed naturally**


Neo Gutsman calls for Neo at the meeting room alone. After all the adventures the team had, they are saying th farewells. So, Gutsmans shifts around uncomfortably for a bit to try to settle Neo into the truth. He asks Neo if he values and everyone around him, and of course Neo looks at Gutsman as if he's crazy and replies, "Of course! After all I've done for you and you've done for me?!" Gutsman tries to settle Neo down again and decides to just drop it. He tells Neo that it would really matter if he care about then or not because their existence is fake. Neo immediately desmised that possibly and tells Gutsman he's gone glitchy or something. Gutsman then grabs Neo frimly and tells him it's true. Gutsman is fake, Toad was fake, and their own world is fake. Neo starts to panic to the point of hysteria. Laughing, crying, and screaming, Neo starts to struggle as Gutsman desperately attempts to soothe him. Neo has an existential crisis as he's learned that nothing in his life is real anymore and screams at Gutsman that he is also not real. But, Gutsman actually tells Neo that's a lie. In fact, there are actually a few people in their false world that are truly real. Neo asked what he means by that. Gutsman tells Neo the story of how the world was created by the people of Team Dipper, who where teenagers or older who played a word game that shaped their false world. He tells Neo, that his creator was one of the people of Team Dipper and that Neo's existence and form has lasted eons ago. Neo very confused by this becomes dizzy and loses consciousness.

When Neo wake up, he is not at the meeting room, nor is Neo Gutsman anywhere in sight. He doesn't remember Neo Gutsman as a real tangible being. This is because, Neo has woken up as a human teenager in reality. It was all a dream Neo thinks. Neo soon after forgets about the dream and wonders if the team has worked on their repaint: Smash64. Neo has the great idea of making Captain Falcon into Neo Gutsman.


The reception about the finale was very mixed with some people saying it was a lazy way to end it with the dream trope, while others were heart broken that no one existed in the first place, and finally a few people were reported to have possibly been okay with this ending. But, it has been mostly seen as a lazy cop out for the creators to make it and GET SOME SLEEP ITS ALREADY 12 AM AND I HAVE 3 TESTS TOMORROW OH MY LORD!


  • This episode was made in one day at night by a loser who should'be studied and done their homework.
  • This is the only episode where it only involves two characters: Neo and Neo Gutsman
  • It is released that Neo Gutsman knows that the Neo in his name was a lazy why for a creator to get his name in the word game as a character. Gutsman was not proud of that but still honors his name.
  • Gutsman also knows that there is no reason why the name Neo stuck with one of the creators.
  • This episode is based on how the actual Team Dipper started.
  • At the credits, a message by Scamboli's spirte can be heard saying, "it's not over yet Tails". Which is the third and last time Tails was mentioned in the show.

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