Frank Lee Sweet is the older brother of both Farley and Bruno Sweet. Frank is a crusader for the Catholic Church and conquers land to expand the Sweet Empire.


Being born the eldest of the Sweet Family he took the responsibility of becoming a crusader. He was shipped over seas to conquer land and pillage all non believers of the Catholic Church. It's known world wide that the Sweet Family owns the entire Catholic Church and Religion.

After taking the role of crusader his two younger brothers became slackers. Farley joined a weird Halloween Terrorist group while Bruno stays up all night smoking in a K-Mart parking lot.

Frank Lee enjoyed his time being a crusader but wishes his brothers would follow his path to righteousness.


  • Frank is the eldest of four kids
  • Frank has killed over 300 in battle
  • Frank has always felt bad for his brothers because they were always babied when they were younger
  • Franks holy sword is name "ExCucksalot"

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