The Frightside is a realm where all magical beings live. This is the home of Scary Godmother.

There are also a lot of easy bitches.


It has been revealed that there are 4 ways into the Frightside. One through a cloud in the sky on a broom, another through the magical key that Scary Godmother gave to Hannah which when placed into any lock creates a portal to the fright side. The other two are a bit sketchy as one involves a magic door in the side of a spooky tree that apparently Aoi used to get there but she could've just hitchhiked like the little cuck she is. The 4th way is taking WeirdCreek's main street out of the quiet little town towards the ominous municipality that is Fright Side.

Magical Halloween Spirit

Frightsie is powered and exists because of Halloween Spirit shown inside everyone. When there is no spirit the fright side will start to fall apart and disappear. It reappears when there is Halloween spirit.

Early Destroyed Frightside Glitch

In Scary Godmother: The MMORPG, they later fixed the glitch in update 10.5.8 where if you played as Jimmy Brando and took the destructive route, you would be able to destroy Frightside without the need of assembling an army, basically cutting out 75% of the game. It was easily beatable too, giving all bosses scale to your level. Speedrunners used this tactic, but it caused players to become over powered for their levels. Because you receive several powerful items in the final dungeon, hardly anyone could beat you in 1v1 PVP matches. Players used this tactic to earn lots of money early on and sold their in game cash for Real World Money. Players who were caught trading their in game cash for real world money had their accounts permanently banned and their IP's blocked forever.

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