Gadget Cat is a robot the NSGM crew bought on clearance in a Best Buy. Due to certain events, she caught a trojan virus and glitches out a lot I think. She is in pain. Please help her.


Tommy brought Farley with him to Best Buy to purchase a robot maid for their castle, as they grew really lazy and did not want to do it themselves. Farley noticed rough looking box with "RBOT MADE" written in Sharpie. Farley also noticed the price was only 20 bucks compared to 1,000 dollar Robot Maids. Farley yanked Tommy away from the expensive products and used his employee discount combined store credit he stole from other employees to purchase it.

When they got home and emptied the box, they noticed it was in pieces. Farley said it was "Just like building with bionicles but a lot less gay. I mean a lot less gay." Once they finished building her, they had a hard time booting her up. Denly kicked it with his stick powers and she eventually booted up. She introduced herself as "Gadget-Cat". Everyone gave mild unenthusiastic claps.

Farley demanded on boot up that she cleans the castle. She shrugged and sat on the couch, turning on the anime channel that exists trust me I saw it before.

Some time had passed and she was mostly used for looking up recipes and pornography. Spilled Ketchup was there once and he tried to look up free League Of Legends dollars. One day, Tommy wanted more dedicated ram access and he uninstalled AVG and turned off adblock so he could watch his anime porn in 240p instead of 144p. He forgot to turn it all back on after he finished and woke up the next morning to see her glitching out and changing her personality at random times.

This one time Peter Locke tried to break into the castle to steal her. He wanted to claim her as his as she had Microsoft Word installed as Peter was too autistic to realize Google Docs exists. He slipped on a banana peel in the courtyard and fell in the thorn bush. He was stuck there for a couple days, only surviving off the berries in the bush until Tommy found him and had Denly drive him home.


She has an altered body that looks seemingly normal. She has a big ass robotic cat head that has a screen that displays different faces according to her current emotion.

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