Games Repainted is a Youtube sellout channel that takes a game and re-edits most of the in-game textures and replaces them with memes. Oh god those terrible terrible memes.

The Fight

GR member Fred Fuchs once met with Jimmy Brando in an attempt for peace but after Jimmy saw his content he looked at Fred and said "Dear god, the point of custom textures is to liven up a game. Not to completely destroy it! Your videos look like incoherent babble that was thrown together by a bunch of random kids. For the love of all that is holy in the land of emulation, stop. Just stop. I'm not even trying to be mean; I've looked into some of your other videos. All of which look like utter shit. You could perhaps help people better actual games but you instead choose to butcher them. No one here could ever support this nonsense." This triggered Fred and caused him to enter an all-out brawl with Jimmy Brando. The ending result was that Jimmy would give Fred terminal seven, causing Fred to change his identity to Cream the Rabbit. When asked about these events, Mod Andy replied with "Get out of my house."


  • Angelo the furfag who is TRMario and needs to FUCKING MAKE CHODER 2 ALREADY FOR FUCKS SAKE ANGELO YOUR EDITS ARE FUCKING AWFUL, MAKE CHODER 2 PLIZ. he also cannot grow a fucking proper mostache.
  • Fred Fuchs
  • Mod Andy the stupid Neighbour
  • Ryan the koreaboo
  • Skrunk the lord
  • Everyone Else that doesn't matter
    Wrong Neighborhood 3

    The Repaint Boys


  • They still haven't finished Melee Repainted
  • Fred Fuchs has a page on the wiki but no one else does
  • They always do their best

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