Gangsta Spongebo
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"Popa nigga squid"






Broken Foot




Gangster's Paradise (Offical) The Wiggles (4kids)


Gangster Spongebob was bullied in 3rd grade. To counter this he dropped out and went to School Shooter School. When his grades began to slip he again dropped out and started to attend Gangsta School thus becoming MTV's number two rapist--Gangsta Spongebo. Because he never paid and only sat in on the classes he is not formally certified though the teachers were pretty dope and still graded his tests despite knowing he wasn't actually on the roster.

While going to "Da Hood" he met Giorno at his local K-mart getting an ICEE. Giorno offered him a sip and then asked if he wanted to join his gang

Gangster Spongebob accepted it and acquired his stand known as Gangster's Paradise


  • [Stand] His stand Gangster's Paradise gives him the ability to sag his pants enough where he might trip on them. He can use this ability on others to make their pants also sag enough to fall off or either trip them
  • [Gun] He can properly use a gun
  • [Such a lust] For revenge WHOOOOOO


  • He is in no way related to Spongebob Squarepants
  • He never actually joined a gang before Giorno's
  • In 5th grade he was bullied for his pants sagging so much that the other kids could see his diaper
  • He still sometimes wheres diapers

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