Beware of the man who speaks in gastahs.

Gaster was the royal asshat before Colonel Noodle, responsible for creating the NOODLES. Gaster's Followers relay different explanations as to what happened to Gaster. One iteration says that he "memed too much," someone else says that he "snorted cocaine with his dickhole" another says that he "got fucked in the ass too hard, may he rest in shits" and the last says that he "is real and tried to suck my dick." Characters such as the Groober and Gaster's Followers hint at his existence. Similar to Joe Chin and Groober, he speaks in a dialect different from other characters. He is best friends with Tao Pai Pai.

In episode 23 he dabbed and then shot PJ Berri

Personality & Habits

He dreams of fame and riches, although these thoughts tend to grow so huge that they actually fall on top of him.

He laughs by pronouncing his name. He is the antagonist, but kind at heart and likes small animals. He lives in his home in the sewers. Groober lives with him.
Rodneyfun Gaster Groober


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