Ging Freecss
"Fuck Prince Baka."




Small penis

Ging Freecs, uncle of OTFree, father of Gon Freecss. He first appeared in episode 55 after Bert witnesses the of revival of Daryl, whom had just obtained a new vampire body. Bert calls over OTFree for back up, but OTFree was busy so he called in his uncle to help. HE REALLY HATES PRINCE BAKA.

Ging didn't do jack shit to help Bert. He just sat there watching Bert struggle to kill his own best friend. He laughed and pointed at Bert for crying after Bert slain Daryl.

He later showed up at Harry's Garage sale when he was clearly supposed to be picking up his son, Gon, from Disney world and attended his son's birthday. He not once showed up and never apologized when asked about it. He just spat in Gon's face.


Young Ging

Ging at a young age

Ging used to be a robber in High School. He thought it was funny. He stole poptarts and actual human hearts from his fellow school students. He developed his hate for cats around this time after he hung out with the wrong crowd. It's speculated Ging was at his "kindest" during these years. He had sexual relations with one of the women he used to hang out with. She eventually got pregnant with Ging's son, Gon. Ging Kidnapped Gon in order to attempt to preform a very late abortion, but sadly his sister caught him and took the child into custody. Ging had to form a lie to cover his ass. He his lover that Gon had learned to drive at a young age and became a rebellious truck driver. She believed him. They still on occasion fuck sometimes.

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