Giorno Giovanna
Bullshit but I believe
"Bullshit but I believe it"




5k Race




Gold Experience, Gold Experience Requiem


Comatose State


As a young boy he was abused by his real father Tim Allen

After being tired from the abuse his father gave him he started a local gang to combat bullying. His mother is unknown but is rumored to be Aigis from Persona 3


[Stand] His stand Gold Experience can punch fast and turn shit to nature i think. This stand in requiem form likes to fight and punch even faster

[Cooking] He can cook instant ramen noodles faster than anyone else can


He started a Gang instead of taking over one in the Jojo Canon

He started the gang to stop local bulling by bulling others


  • He slipped on a banana peel and fractured his spine which lead to his comatose state in the hospital
  • He 'accidentally' shat his pants in 7th grade
  • He was on his way to school one day and forgot to tie his shoe and tripped over his laces after being startled by the neighborhood cat named 'Snippy'


  • Hirohiko Araki drew inspiration from Giorno to create his character Giorno for Jojo Part 5 Vento Spaghetti
  • He is allergic to cats and dogs which is why he dislikes the movie Cats and Dogs
  • He attempted to get his drivers license but failed it because he couldn't spell his name correctly
  • He resembles his uncle Doflamingo more than his father. (it's a popular fan theory that Doffy is his actual father and Tim only took responsibility for his brothers 'accident')

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