The title God of Humor dates as far back as 2012 when won by Dr. Vellian Crowler. Each year since top humorists nominate and vote for the most humorous clowns, comedians, and memestrals to see who has brought the most laughter throughout the year.


Each year there are individuals who contest the results and claim the title for themselves. These are often runner-ups who have gone as far as to accuse the voting committee for corruption or outside shenanigan such as "Russian hacking."

Annual Winners

2012 Winner: Vellian Crowler (Contested by: Ren)

2013 Winner: Chris Hardwick (Contested by: Ren, Crowler)

2014 Winner: Vellian Crowler (Contested by: Ren)

2015 Winner: Vellian Crowler (Contested by: Ren, Amy Schumer)

2016 Winner: Vellian Crowler (Contested by: Ren, Amy Schumer, John Oliver)

2017 Winner: Ren (Contested by: Crowler, Amy Schumer)

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