Gon Freecss
"I hate my dad"



Gon Freecss, Son of Ging Freecss. Expert fisher, gay lover AND he fucking hates cats.


Ging had unprotected sexual intercourse with a prostitute, whom later gave birth to Gon. She died giving birth and Ging tossed him in a river, hoping he would drown. Thankfully, the river was actually Aunt Mito.

Gon like, hunts cats or something now and occasionally fucks with his boyfriend, Killua Zoldyk.


Gon holding G.I card

Gon attempting to use a credit card on a book thinking money will just give him instant knowledge of the book.

  • His dad hits him
  • Killua is better
  • Prince Baka saw him fight a clown once.
  • Gon Still pees the bed
  • He can't read
  • He doesn't know how to handle money
  • no one cares about his birthday

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