Gonard is one of Jimmy's most ruthless warriors and is an old friend of Gouki, who first introduces him to Jimmy in episode 33. In this episode, Gonard attempts to siege Frightside by himself and, although he manages to beat back Harry and Bug-a-boo, he is burned back by the magic of Scary Godmother.

Gonard returns in episode 38 to distract Hannah and Katie from reaching Jimmy while he robs the National Bank of Frightside. He is subdued by Hannah but is merely left tied to a lamp post when Hannah realizes Jimmy's plan. Gonard escapes after successfully giving Jimmy enough time.

In the highly controversial episode 44, Gonard stalks Katie home one night and ambushes her. Gonard holds Katie down proceeds to tickle her. Gonard once again escapes leaving Katie psychologically damaged. The episode was banned in several western counties and was partially censored in the United States.

In episode 46, while the assault on Jimmy's mountain fortress begins, Katie seeks out Gonard inside. Full of hatred for him, Katie and Gonard battle in a burning and crumbling dojo. By the end, Katie is able to decapitate Gonard and leave his body for the fire to consume.

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