Gouki is a demon who forms an alliance with Jimmy and becomes the target of Hannah's sixth case as spirit detective. He helped steal the "Three Artifacts of Spooky", taking with him the Pumpkin of Baast.

He first meets with Jimmy when he assists in helping break out of Frightside Prison. He immediately overpowered Jimmy after he attempted to prove his dominance. Despite showing Jimmy who's boss, because of his profound respect for him, he decided to become one of Jimmy's Warlords.

He grew up in a poor village with little friends. He cared for his dog, Hans. He murdered out of vengeance his father after he found out that his father was the cause of his dogs brutal death.


He is a respectful warrior. He is willing to fight anyone so as long as they are respectful towards him too. He is always cheerful, never gloomy. It is rare to see him lose his temper. In Episode 13, he was seen frustrated watching Pinstripe beat up an innocent child. He snapped and punched Pinstripe square in the face, hospitalizing him. He is very fond of animals and tends to be "Act like a little girl" when around them, stated Jimmy.

Powers and Abilities

  • Spirit Fist A simple attack where the user forms desired amount of energy into their fist and makes their fist even deadlier causing the fists impact to explode on contact
  • 640 (1)
    Ogre Drive his already muscle-bound body transforms into his monstrous full demonic form which serves

to further augment his attack and defense. He learned how to do this while training with his master during childhood. Proven to be extremely deadly, he only uses it when the tough gets going.

  • Pain Resistance to to the constant abuse from his father and teacher, Gouki has obtained an unnatural immunity to pain. Was shown to even withstand one of Hannah's Spooky Gun's and Being hit by a semi truck.


  • Was originally going to be the main antagonist, was changed at the last minute for "Issues with my cat" stated Jill Thompson.
  • Ogre Drive was called "1v1, no items, final destination, ogre only" in the Viz Media manga.
  • Speedwagon was going to have Ogre Drive but Jill thought that idea would be stupid

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