Gragas Drinkington
"The only thing I won't drink is cum because that's gay"


Atleast 21



Favorite Drink

That good shit

He is

very strong

Gragas is the king of drinking and owner of the local Frightside Pub/Brewery. He is happily married to his wife Cana Alberona.


Gragas is a large (THICC) man who has red hair but a bald scalp. He is normally naked only having on a loin cloth and ropes on his body. He has an X scar on his body along with a lightning bolt tattoos. He is often seen with large cask of alcohol he carries with him at all times.


He is the owner of the Frightside Pub/Brewery known as The Drunken Pumpkin. He runs it along with his wife. One of his good buddies Gintama also works at the pub. He serves the finest drinks ranging from the strongest drinks on the planet to juice boxes. The establishment also serves some of the best ice cream in the world. The Pub serves any kind of drink as long as it isn't gay because Gragas doesn't roll that way.


Gragas Render
  • Cana Alberona - Cana is the loving wife of Gragas. They have been married for more than 15 years. Their first date was at a local Burger King as they both made fun of the local homo Nolan.
  • Gintama - They've been friends since childhood. They both shared a drink of sake making them bonded brothers. Gintama works right under Gragas at The Drunken Pumpkin.
  • Tommy Dickles - Tommy sold Gragas the land to build his Pub. Tommy was the first customer of The Drunken Pumpkin.
  • Farley Sweet - Farley was the first and only customer to get drunk off of a non-alcoholic beverage at the pub.
  • Spilled Ketchup - Gragas and Spilled Ketchup became good drinking buddies after a friendly drinking competition where neither of them got drunk because they were both drinking Caprisuns. The two have such a high drinking tolerance so neither of them could've gotten really drunk if they wanted too.
  • Shakre Kanf - Possibly the only Frightside resident capable of consuming her own body weight in alcohol. Shakre and Gragas bonded over their appreciation of the sauce. They like to exchange friendly banter and are usually seen throwing expired lottery tickets at those who do not wish to have expired lottery tickets tossed at them.


  • Gragas' drinking tolerance is so high he barely gets drunk and a good buzz at most.
  • He has a No Fly list to his pub. A few people are banned from the pub. Nolan is included on this list.
  • Spilled Ketchup is the only person who does Gragas Support and Tommy hates it.
  • There is a dated picture of Gragas shaking hands with Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Gragas use to baby sit Ponzu from HxH.
  • Gragas once tricked Saltydkdan into drinking prune juice convincing him it was Grape Soda.
  • Gragas also served in WW2 as a fighter pilot. It is currently unknown what side he served on.

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