The Great Battle Kukku also known by his full title Great Battle Kukku XV is the main antagonist in Bench Squad Origins: Tails Adventure and Bench Squad Season 4. He is the leader of the Battle Kukku Empire who orchestrated an attack on Cocoa Island to seize the Chaos Emeralds for world domination, but was foiled by Miles "Tails" Prower.

Bench Squad Origins: Tails Adventure

At some point, the Great Battle Kukku had a son, Battle Kukku XVI. Scheming to take over the world, the Great Battle Kukku lead his Battle Bird Armada to Cocoa Island where the Chaos Emeralds were, so he could use their limitless powers for world domination. Arriving in the Battle Fortress, the Great Battle Kukku lead a massive battalion through Poloy Forest, destroying and setting everything ablaze while retrieving the Chaos Emeralds. Exhilarated by his impending victory, the Great Battle Kukku ordered his soldiers to find the last remaining Emeralds. But him and his crew got blown the fuck up by Tails.

Bench Shorts

Tails Stand

Tails Sending The Great Battle Kukku into the Shit Dimension

In Bench Shorts, The Great Battle Kukku and his crew blew up the park as he wants his vengeance against Tails. However, Tails used his stand, 「 SLOPRANO 」 to send him into the Shit dimension.

Season 4

Luda use the Time Portal to bring Great Battle Kukku into the future to get his revenge on Tails. He tried to send his army to kill Tails and his friends but failed. He faced Tails One on One Outside The Great Kukku Battle Fortress and Tails fucked him up with bombs and destroys his Battle Fortress.

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