Cookie Butter


Ageless Fruitcake


Scary Godsexual

Grimsley (ソウルイーターは良好でした, Total Scarf Douche Bag) is a Master Spreader, Time Patroller, Weeb Enthusiast and professional Jimmy Hunter.


Grimsley has synced his mind with the power of Cookie Butter, a jam he created throughout years upon years of intense mental instability. He used it in his quest of taking over the 2D world, a plan he concocted after learning that the fate of his waifus would be decided by their respected anime's creator.

Sickened at the realization that his 2D imaginary girlfriends would suffer in the hands of unlikable love interests, Grimsley did the impossible: by slathering himself in Cookie Butter, he was able to amplify his handsomeness a hundred-fold, allowing him to enter 2D universes of his choice and "obatin" waifus.

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