Guru "BIG" Ant
"Oi cunt I'm big now"








Stage 3: Big

"I wasn't scared, you must have been dreamin!"

Guru Ant (アリ導師 Ari Dōshi) is an ant guru. He is a stand user, drug abuser.


After being fired from several jobs Guru Ant was fed up on being a failure in life. He thought it was about time to take revenge on those who wronged him by using his stand Stage 3: BIG. After obtaining his stand through the illegal trade market he took his stand to a bank and robbed it. He shot 2 Cashiers 3 civilians and 1 broker. He was arrested on Robbery, Statutory Rape, Man-Slaughter, Drug Abuse and illegally. He broke out of jail to pursue his dream of being a guru.



His stand is called Stage 3: BIG which is just a Luger-morph pistol and nothing else

Size Manipulation

After stealing Parappa's Father's size machine he uses it to cuck people by either changing them to the size of an ant or making them so tall they enter space


He is generally cool, composed and wise. However, when the shrink ray makes him and Parappa extremely huge, he panics and shits in his ant sized diaper.


  • You think you're big, you think you're big kid
  • He has admitted to several Rape charges
  • He ran for president in 2016 but was cucked by Ted Cruz
  • It is told in ancient Chinese writings that he and the Robbies will fight in a duel that will decide the fate of meme heaven
  • He sometimes wears diapers depending on how scaring the situation is


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