What is this delectable noodley goodness?

Gyro's Stirfry
It doesn't get any better than this folks!
Vital statistics
Type Chicken and garlic sauce
Effects It kicked Harry's weaboo ass, who knows what else its capable of
Source Gyro's faithful frying pan and his mama's cookbook
Cost to buy more than you can offer
Cost to sell more than you can afford
It's got broccoli, chicken, noodles made from the finest of wheat, carrots, red peppers, and some sort of green vegetable that holds no weight in the actual process of making the meal. Guy Fieri actually retired after trying this dish. "It nuked flavortown, its residents and and everything they knew and loved have all been burned to the ground, disintegrated to the molecular level." These were his exact words as his eyes filled with tears and his peroxide died hair glowed with passion, his mouth full of this garlicky sauced masterpiece. He knew he had found the spectacle he had been searching for for so long. It's probably the only thing Gyro's good at tbh, I mean who knew he'd even be good at ANYTHING!

Episode 51

Gyro gives this delectable treat to Hannah in hopes it makes up for any past transgressions he might've taken a part of whilst in Jimmy's gang of rowdy ruff boys. Hannah thanks him and gives it to Harry, whom wouldnt stop pestering her about trying some. Harry ate the stirfry and actually got his ass handed to him by an invisible force we can only call "The ghost of Flavortown Past".

Final Thoughts

Gyro's pretty proud of himself for making this, as it can only be done once every 1000 moons, give or take whenever he gets around to buying the ingredients. Anyways its some pretty good shit, you should totally try some.

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