"I was told there would be drugs?" ~Gyro in Scary Godmother 4: Cory's Revenge
Gyro is just another gear in the machine, except he's the gear that's missing a cog, has stupid hair that's obviously a ripoff of the male protagonist from Pokemon emerald/ruby/sapphire, and goes in he opposite direction, causing the whole machine to break and need maintenance at like 4:35 in the morning. He claims to be human but his name says otherwise, and when confronted about the situation he gets nervous and says, "i swear i'm not a greek taco." In turn he gets called a racist and left alone the majority of the day unless someone needs a bit of useless knowledge or someone to take their side in a fight. He held back Jimmy from punching Hannah in the face in episode 24, jimmy calling him a bitch afterwards and kicking a small dog into the street. Gyro responds to this with a scoff and an an ugly grimace, calling him a shitdick under his breath. Gyro has yet to appear in any episodes of the critically acclaimed show based off the hit movies, but he did appear in a shitty photoshop of an episode of Ben 10 omniverse, to which he claims he did not make, no one however has shown any such liking to him that they would make more leaving the case open. Gyro has also made appearances as a background character in the 4th installment of the SGM films, and the behind the scenes director's cut of the Schticky Infomercial. "That piece gave me mad bitches man," he says to the interviewer, "seriously Vince Offer was such a hit, oh...was, was that ok to say? He DID beat up a hooker, oh sh**, was THAT ok to say? I uhh, I think we're done here."

Videogames and Shit

Gyro plans on being a character in the upcoming Neo Scary Godmother Game, and is a bgc in some of the arenas of the newest hit game Scary Godmother-Allstars, in which he looks at the camera and makes a "who me?" gesture, blushes, then holds up a piece of paper with what can only be assumed his phone number. he then gets embarrassed and realizes that the camera is focused on the characters fighting and not him, too which he responds with a sad look and walks away, only to return again because hes that desperate.

Skills and Personality

He's quite proud that he can make stirfry exceptionally well, and often offers it to people who in turn eat it in order to not hurt his feelings. He's pretty sensitive, like a fucking child, and rarely eats food if its not up to his standards because hes a picky little princess. Hes random at times but mostly keeps a straight face in odd situations, trying to single himself out and be different from everyone else at the time. This fails however, as he always gets swept into a conversation he doesn't want to be a part of or kicked out of one he wants to be a part of. Just like his hair he has a semi-messy but well kept life, exclaiming his lack of skills or a job and forces everyone else to listen to his shitty puns and lack of originality, but he does have a bit of the latter. He often likes to talk even after the people are done listening and just move on.


"He just kind of...showed up. Without warning. Like, could've told me you'd start existing but no, thanks for letting me clean the house first." These were his mothers words when interviewed on his birth. "I had a strange childhood, lots of bullying, not stopping, pretty much an Eminem song," says Gyro when asked about his early years. "Yeah I kind of just bumped into the meme life, it didn't really like me, but it let me follow it around, study up on it and learn from it. I'd like to think of myself as a groupie kind of guy, but a leader as well, ya know?" After getting beat up on the playground just about everyday before, during, and after school he learned of the mystical realm of Fright Side and dragged himself there because his legs were broken about 67% of the time. He met Hex Maniac first, followed him around on crutches and eventually healed, getting allowed into the maniac's group of friends after partaking in like 7 or 8 quests? They're kind of a blur but he drew some ugly kid with a bird, sang the atomic betty theme song, and wrote a song about his hero Steve Buscemi. He now lives in Fright Side, still getting picked on by Jimmy, even though hes like fucking 12, but he bears with it. "I have a few friends now, I think I'll be aight."


The billboard with Gyro's handsome face on. He DIDN'T EDIT THIS, I swear to god...

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