Hank Hill u87
"Taste my meat... AND the Heat"







Hank "ProPain" Hill is the Cyborg from Universe 87 with prosthetic arms. He was sent into the Core Universe to prevent Core Hank from being destroyed by a freak charcoal accident at a BBQ cook off hosted in Laos.

The Blazing War

In Universe 87 the fight over affordable and safe BBQing turned into an all-out war, many perished including u87 Hank's wife and son. He vowed on this day that Propane would be the clear winner of the war and that he would make sure the Omniverse was protected from his arch-rival, Charcoalion. It was in the war he lost his arms and had his prosthetics installed.



Hank about to release the BWAAAAHHHAAAA BURNER on his rival Charcoalion.

Hank's prosthetic arms allow him to shoot out an ultra concentrated high-pressure propane spray which can be ignited to use his ultimate technique, the BWAAAAHHHAAAA BURNER.

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