Attack on disneythx by darkdragon4567-dadwi2r

Image from "Wingsofeternity."

HartjuniorTHX is a hater of Neo Scary Godmother. He happens to be a spoofer like Alerkina4the6th and Ren The God of Failure with a ton of accounts he made that are either MLP characters like Quibble Pants or Sheriff Silverstar. Two of his most infamous accounts are "Pony with Bare Chest and Shirtless" and "Jack is naked"..... I SHIT YOU NOT, THOSE ARE REAL ACCOUNTS HE HAS ON YOUTUBE. One features content male anthro ponies who are shirtless and one where it features images of JACK FROM SAMURAI JACK IS LITERALLY NAKED... There are some red flags already already around this guy. Hart's numerous accounts like Quibble Pants for an example, feature either MLP or Ultraman clips that show aggression to people who says that he should stop what he's doing on YouTube. Some of them even involve death threats. Most recently on his Ultraman account, he made a "Video" of Ultraman destroying the Scary Godmother wiki all because of a video that featured Alerkina4the6th. He also made a Punishment for Neo Scary Godmother for the exact same reason and of course who could forget his reaction to Neo Scary Godmother? To continue this travesty of a user, he's got a deviantart account. His gallery features screenshots of media for little kids poorly edited. Before he use to have a gallery dedicated to shirtless and naked MALE CHARACTERS with no age restriction. Luckliy he deleted it. (THANK GOD.) This guy might be even worse than Alerkina4the6th.

P king and vent light by disneythx-dapcgxe

For hate art of Vent Light, he managed to capture an accurate representation of Vent Light's reaction which is "NOT AMUSED BY THE SLIGHTEST."

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