Hex "Strawberry Jam" Maniac
"I sure hope those wiki guys don't notice what I'm doing"
Vital statistics
Gender has a weewee
Age Probably 18
Likes Shitposts, Goth Chicks and Strawberry Jam
Dislikes Grape Jam, "Vinesauce wannabes", Jimmies, thirsty hoes
Voice Actors
US: Hexel Maniacel
Hex "Strawberry Jam" Maniac (Hex Maniac or Hexel Maniacel) is a total doofus on Tumblr AND Facebook. For some unknown reason, they have been hiding their love for Scary Godmother from us by subtly hiding images of Scary Godmother characters in their photos.

Hex Maniac is mostly active on their Facebook page "Hex Maniac" and mostly just reblog's stuff from the Pizza Party Podcast crew on the Tumblr end. It was recently discovered they've been helping out in spreading the word of Nolan Jetstream's "Scary Godmother love denial" case.

Oh and for some reason this guy managed to start a meme with other admins the in the Facebook page community involving Jam or something.

We noticed you.

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