A corrupt Jimmie moderator who lives in his parents basement spends his time banishing the innocent memes from from the wretched website. All poor Hexel wanted to do was upload his cool memes to the Hex Maniac article. Until, the evil sweaty cheeto eating Jacob from Know your meme showed up to ruin his earnest fun by removing all his dank memes.

He kept deeming them as "Porn", when it was clearly not the most pornographic image compared to the other images in the gallery. It's obvious that Jacob From Know Your Meme truly hates memes and isn't a true memer.

The image that was "too scary for children"

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Jacob From Know Your Meme even stated that it was "Okay to upload as long as it had subway in it". So Hexel hired Denly to change it to have subway and Jacob From Know Your Meme lied and removed the image from the website's existence.

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