Jake D. Roger







Jake D. Roger is the pirate king. He is the owner of the legendary treasure known as "Scary Godmother Blu-ray double pack.". HartJuniorTHX stole his identity.


He has tan skin, spiky black hair and huge bulging muscles. He typically wears a red scarf tied over his forehead. Sometimes he just shows up to work in his pajama's. No one cares enough to call him out on it.


The Beginning

Kid Alliance facing Kaido

Jake in the spookening

Years before Frightside's "Spookening", Jake set out on an adventure with his life long friend, Henry Cooldown in order to "Turn The World upside down...". Jake along with Henry assemble a crew along the way. Because of their accomplishments in Frightside, they took part in the Spookening, which merged the real world, with Frightside. Not much is known about his participation or what he along his crew contributed, but we do know it played a major role in pushing the merge through. The entire world was flooded with demons and spooky skeletons! Whoa!

Unavoidable Fate

Because of his actions, the Government set out a bounty on Jake of over 800 Billion. Jake's crew went their separate ways after Jake abruptly disbanded the crew. He sat down with Henry one final time before Jake went through with his final plan. Jake mentioned to him about a " very awesome and cool treasure" he would hide and tell the world so they would seek is. Jake turned himself in to the Government in order to get money for a new Xbox. They captured him and imprisoned him immediately. He thought they would give him the money and he would be able to leave. He thought it was a good idea at the time.

Before they hung him from the gallows, these were the final words he spoke,

"My fortune is yours for the taking, But you'll have to find it first, I left everything I Best Buy" Ever since, assholes from all over the internet set sail for the Scary Godmother Wikia, Searching for a Scary Godmother Blu-ray release! The treasure that would make their dreams...come true!"


He's a pirate. ARG.

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