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Jake is using his stando (Auto Farm) to attack his opponents, while also charging his Ki within his Khakis

Jake from State farm's fist appearance was Scary Godmother: Fist of the one piece on titan, of which takes place during Diamond is Unscareable (jojo no kiminyou no bokenden diamondue no penis). Jake is a very powerful stand user, his stand is named "Auto Farm" and has the ability to make anyone sexually active when they hear about car insurance. He first encountered Hannah and Scary Godmother when they were searching for the Red Stone Of Asia, Jake was sent by Jimmy. Jake attempted to use his stand's power on Hannah but he was unaware of Hannah's Fist Of The Halloween Star (Hokto shin penis). She was able to defeat him in seconds.

Jake's whereabouts are currently unknown. It has been stated by Scary Godmother that he has been searching for a way to further develop his Stand's powers going so far as create a large power level in his Khakis.