Jhin the Virtuoso is a local Frightside Artist who usually is found near playgrounds and elementary schools. Not to be confused with Jin.


Jhin was a serial killer who normally murdered people for the name of art but after reading Rolling Stones Arc in Jojo part 5 he realized art is kinda gay. He moved to Frightside to pursue his dream in being an artist (not the gay kind I think). He works part time at Arby's and sometimes even gets free food. He also works at the local Gamestop so he can fund his League of Legends addiction.


  • He's an excellent dancer
  • He can only count to Four
  • Jhin wears a mask atop of another mask because he enjoys internet memes
  • His favorite song is Gaucho by Steely Danc
  • There are only four trivia facts
  • fuck now there's five
  • Wait fuck

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