In the Beginning....


Jill Thompson is the woman of OTFree and TommyDickle's affection. She is the original author of the Scary Godmother franchise, and as such, is the biggest influence on the Neo Scary Godmother reformation movement.


Theory #1: She is God.

This theory hinges on no empirical evidence. However, it can be assumed that because she is solely responsible for the creation of Scary Godmother, this may be possible.

Theory #2: She is Scary Godmother.

Again, while there isn't much to support this claim, the theory hinges on the belief that Jill Thompson herself bares an uncanny resemblance to Scary Godmother (the titular character in the series).

Theory #3: She hates the Neo ScaryGodmother Movement.

OTFree, in an attempt to contact Jill Thompson through Twitter, did not get a response after sending her a permalink to the Neo Scary Godmother DeviantArt page. As such, some have gone so far as to say that perhaps she is AGAINST the movement all together.

To date, she has not made a public statement yet in regards to the matter.

List of Accomplishments

Scary Godmother Spooktacular

Scary Godmother: Revenge of Jimmy

Created the universe.

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