Jimmy Neutron
Not to be confused with the other Jimmy.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age Young
Likes Science, robots, dogs, robot dogs, flying through the stars, candy bars, adventure, having one of his inventions NOT completely fuck up
Dislikes Cindy Vortex, weeaboos, Mr Enter
Voice Actors
US: Unknown
"Gotta go blast!"

Jimmy Neutron (full name James Isaac Neutron) is Jimmy's marginally more intelligent cousin. Born with a skull defect that allowed his brain extra growing room, Jimmy is a certified Hawking-level genius while still being in elementary school. His first appearance in the Scary Godmother series was in Attack of the Weeaboo Werewolf, where he found Hannah and helped her return back to the Frightside before the Weeaboos took over the United States. Afterward, he helped Scary Godmother concoct a superweapon that surpassed the Weeaboos' EVAs. During the final battle against the leader of the Weeaboos, Jimmy and the rest of the surviving cast assisted Hannah in channeling a spirit bomb to destroy anime.

He's a pretentious stupid fucker that killed Skeet, fuck you Jimmy your fucking autistic.