"Anthro-Con is NOT gay, YOU'RE gay!" -Jimo to Chex Maniac

For Alt. Canon see Jimmy Brando


Jimo (JIM-O) Brando (raisen(BRAN-DO) Commonly referred to as 'Jim'.

Jimo Is a minor antagonist in Plastic Spider Run, only really seen trying to do his job one or two times. Born from a low income family, Jimo aimed to leave his life of welfare checks and off-brando groceries and has since gained a power-controlling personality that wont allow him to be second, which is a bit weird since his mom was against that, but she said some shit about dignity so now theirs this guy mucking about trying to become president and make everyone who called him a FurFag pay.


Jimo is of an average build, with greasy streaks of blonde hair that stick together like top of the line wood hide glue, he tries to wax his ever growing Uni-Brow to some success. Jimo wears a red demon hoodie with brown gloves, black boots and a belt buckle with JIM described on it, but most noticeably is his douchey hat that has JIM on it as well, you would think one article of clothing that has your name on it would be enough but hey, let him have his fun.

Child Hood

He was born, his dad left, then his mom was caught stealing an apple for Lil' Jim, and we all know what the penalty is for stealing. Ever since Jimo has grown resentment to the world and has often seen humans as slugs that he is to "Pour salt on." He often times took out his built up middle school angst on his many Furry Friend Fictions and his Furafinity account. Later he used his mediocre running and entered track, where he would gain most of his fortune as an O.K runner.

Christmas comes Early

After marrying an old comatose woman for her wealth, Jimo used the money to buy built in Heelies on his feet so he can seemingly run twice as fast, gaining attention from the Media, Comical Christmas was sure this was some hidden standu ability. Meeting Jimo Comical used his stand to attack, though to no avail, it was then he noticed Jimo was just bull shitting the media as he saw the wheels on his heels. Still thinking his sly tactics could be of use, Comical quickly shot Jimo with the Strange Stone Gun, and recruited Jimo with his new Standu.

Plastic Spider Run Ch. 2

Jimo is first encountered bitching and snitching as usual, when he spots Chex Maniac and Hannah Unomeshi arguing, breaking through the crowd, Jimo is quickly stopped by his 'rival' Ocean Spray.

Plastic Spider Run Ch. 3

He like runs p/ good I guess, I think he died.... I dunno.

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