Johnny Test
He has no style, he has no grace, this boy WILL CONSUME THE HUMAN RACE
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age Eternal
Likes Being extreme, anime, video games, his dog, douchebaggery, the screams of his enemies, destruction
Dislikes Sisters, his father's cooking, the Jews, happiness, joy, sanity
Voice Actors
US: Unknown
Johnny Test (aka. Satan, Mephisto, Adolf Hitler, Cthulhu, Death, That Prick, My Bus Driver, Raw Sewage) is the main antagonist of Scary Godmother: Attack of the Weeaboo Werewolf. CISter of Kevin Kyle. The progenitor of weeabooism and whipcracks, Johnny's ultimate goal is the destruction of human society and the obliteration of the Fright Side, which he believes is "the most extreme stunt ever". Commanding an army of anime-loving freaks, Johnny attempts to destroy Halloween spirit by installing his otakus in every house in every suburb in America. However, due to a weeaboo werewolf, Hannah and Scary Godmother know about his sinister plot. A bunch of plot happens and then anime is destroyed forever, but that doesn't slow down Johnny. Instead, he mutates into his ultimate form (a giant version of himself with whips for fingers). He tries to whipcrack the heroes into oblivion, but is stopped by Jimmy's sacrifice, which gives Hannah the power to seal Johnny away for good. Johnny is sucked back into Hell and both worlds are saved. Hooray.

Powers and Abilities

Johnny, being a quasi-dimensional abomination of time and space, has several supernatural abilities at his disposal. His most powerful ability is the ability to summon whipcracks to completely destroy his opponent's mental state. If shattering his enemies' mind doesn't work, he can summon a flood of Mountain Dew Code Red Red Gush to melt the flesh off of their bones. If that fails, Johnny can just sic his mutt on or direct his army of weeaboos at them. If his opponent is still standing, he'll just get his sisters to make something for him, either by annoying them, threatening them, or giving them a lock of the hair of the boy next door, who makes them wet for some reason. Johnny can also fly by pointing his stupid hair downward, which somehow causes it to act as a jet thruster.


  • He cannot do a handstand when he needs to
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