First Appearance

Gal 157-524x294

Crane makes his debut in episode 7 when, under the service of IGPHHangout, he poisons children's Halloween candy causing permanent psychological damage. When Hannah confronts him, he quickly dowses Hannah with gasoline and lights her on fire--only for her to be rescued by Orson. Crane escapes with the help of Hangout's boob-expansion blimp.

Donning the Mask


By episode 18 it is revealed that Crane left the service of Hangout as he was "too autistic to handle" and "cramping his style". Crane, now working as an intern for Jimmy, returned under his new villain alias, Scarecrow.

As Scarecrow, Crane went around scaring children, taking their candy, and spraying chemicals on them causing them to enter nightmare fueled comas. Hannah managers to ambush Crane but Crane escapes this time after injecting raw sugar into Hannah's bloodstream.

Joining the Warlords

After Crane captures and tortures IGPHHangout at the end of episode 22, Jimmy is shown granting Crane warlord status. Hangout is sent to an asylum as Crane is last seen confidently entering his first Warlord meeting in episode 23.

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