Jones Uchiha
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"Ra-Ra-Rasen... Rosetta Stone..."







Jones Uchiha is one of only 5 survivors of the Uchiha clan's side branch massacre along with his 4 other brothers, Madara, Enrico , Black Dynamite and Martin Luther. Jones is, of course, of African Descent like his brothers but was struck down with the curse of albinism because his mother cheated on his daddy with a white janitor. Jones never awakened a Stand ability.

Early Life

Jones was the youngest of 5 brothers and by far the least talented, and loved. His parents would often tell him he was pathetic weeb trash and would never amount to anything.

Raid on the Weeaboo Protection Chamber

Jones ultimately ended up leading a daring raid against the Weeaboo Protection Chamber but was beaten and killed by Sir Francis of the Filth.

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