Kanji Tatsumi
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"I ain't gay but I love dicks."




He's a fuckin' Bro


Stand User

Stand Name

Trapped in the Closet

He ain't fucking gay you dipshits. You honestly think sucking off 2 guys at once is gay? Nah bro, it just means your extra friendly with em'. Momma always said to be kind to others. Oh yeah Kanji...

He used to be the mascot for the """Official""" Scary Godmother Wikia, until his contract was voided do to controversy surrounding his Youtube Let's Play channel. He was caught trying to copy ChuggaaConroy's style, but was caught and had his Youtube account password changed so he couldn't log back in to avoid mean comments.

Rumor has it, he will make his return NSGM can get the rights back from Atlus.

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