As usual

The monster himself.

A horrid Jimmie who was born from his father's garbage bin. Changes his name constantly to keep the feds off his back. He first appeared in the Failed A boations!™ line of dolls, and has been a family favorite ever since. He is rumored to have made a cameo appearance in the special No Rest for the Spooky Shoobies! , in which he would say "Aw shit Sticks, that aint kewl dawg!" before shooting himself in the forehead. After becoming addicted to sugar, he fell upon a time of poverty, and turned towards the internet for help. He has since been making "IGPH" videos for pennies on youtube ever since. His shit can be found here:  just be warned, he may cause cancer. He once was able to slay the awful dickmonster that threatened the entire world, but no one was watching.