Katie Kat
"I'm not a furry, I just want to fuck cats!"








Three Kisses


Dying Will Mode, Hyper Dying Will Mode(?)

Katie Kat is a prominent character in Scary Godmother and shows up in various Neo Scary Godmother media as well. She is dressed like a cat and likes the anime, "Katekyo Hitman Reborn".


She cosplays daily as a cat because it's her fetish. Her eyes are as soulless as her lack of character development.


She's very kinky and open about her sexual attraction towards Hannah. She mysteriously stopped liking her after Hannah's 12th birthday...

Scary Godmother: Halloween Spooktacular

At the beginning of the film, Katie is the only non-Nen user in the group. Apparently, Wing offered to train her, but the audience (as well as Katie) forgot who he was, so we never saw him again.

Early on, Katie's established to be one of Jimmy's cronies, but was discarded immediately on the grounds that she's a useless fighter.

Her role in the film was diminished to comedic relief and possible love interest for Hannah and Daryl.

Scary Godmother: The Revenge of Jimmy

Sometime before the events of the movie, Katie was given (albeit a useless) stand by Reborn; Three Kisses. Unlike the main cast, she's unable to summon her stand at will. Instead, Three Kisses can only be used after being hit by a dying will bullet or in Dying Will Mode.

Katie used this power in a last ditch effort to stop Orson, but proved ineffective since Orson ignored her. She even tried hitting on Hannah once more, resulting in an awkward exchange at the Halloween party. Jill tries to forget she ever wrote this character, often choosing to write her out of future plotlines entirely.

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