You infidels will be punished

Keith Ellison was born in the war-torn country of Detroit in 1963. He is the son of Elli. He grew up in the slums of the city being fought over by the Neo Portuguese Caliphate and the Baseball Furies. When given a scholarship to the former he joined and quickly rose up in the ranks. In 1984 the Baseball Furies were destroyed when Keith was elected lord-mayor and outlawed baseball. During the early 90s Keith created an alliance with Alberto Barbosa and supplied him the dreams of urban Detroit children in order to build a new line of super battle-mecha. In 2007 he became his district's representative with the promise of not killing his constituents.

Trumpocalypse DLC

For the low price of 5.99, three extra levels to Trump Simulator are unlocked where Keith Ellison tries to take the White House. He leads a mecha army of Portuguese Shock-Regiments and will attempt to personally execute the player when encountered. There is a known bug where he doesn't leave his spawn point though the creators claim in certain playthroughs he's just "playing hard to get."


  • His name is Keith

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