These characters were made by Ken Penders on his own Comic version of Bench Squad. Some characters were cut off, like Black guy, Neo, Neo Gutsman, Cream, and Uni.

Mills "Tu-Nails" Power

Mills "Tu-Nails" Power is the Ken Penders version of Miles "Tails" Prower.

Final Battle

Tu-Nails Vs. El-Boli

Tu-Nails is tough and ready to kick some ass. He is so strong, he can lift 20 park benches. He can use his two tails like a fan and blow the foes away. After the fall of El-Boli (Ken Pender's Scamboli), Tu-Nails destroys the Gem of Madness and fucked tons of hot bitches!

Tails' Reaction

Tails saw the image and wants to kill Ken Penders.

Penders Crusaders

This image says it all.

Killanu Breeves

Killanu Breeves is the Ken Penders version of Beanu Freeves.

Killanu is more of a badass than his original counterpart his partner is alive and a woman, unlike his counterpart. Killanu also kicked Boad and Boadett's ass with his slow-mo powers.

Beanu's reaction

Beanu was offended.

Kraal Stoked


Kraal Stoked is the Ken Penders of Clawd Stiff. He is a Stoked motherfucker with a Glowing 1000 degree Knife.

Clawd has no comment.

Boad and Boadette

Boad and Boadette is the Ken Penders of Toad and Toadette. Instead of being Hardcore dick punching Gangsters, they are like a dopey villains in a Saturday Morning Cartoon. Toad quickly blamed Tails for this and told the gang that their mission was to find the Bench Squad and kill every last one of their members.