Ken Penders is an American comic book creator and writer. He makes his living as a shitty ass freelance writer and artist, accepting assignments involving screenplays, storyboards, character design, backgrounds, website graphics, and some the magazine covers, portraits or commissioned work. He made The Lara-Su Chronicles and was the worst Comic ever. He likes to sue people for no good reason at all.

Bench Squad Season 2

He made a Comic based on The Bench Squad's adventures to kill Scamboli, however he made his own version of the story.

When the Squad made it in to Pender's lair, however, Penders got a surprise for them. He used his walker to take them out. Tails and his crew survived, except for Biggie Cheese, who got shot 50 times.

Tails got on his Mecha-Bench and kills Ken Penders.


  • Penders the Tank Walker - Penders the Tank Walker takes the appearance of the Eggwalker in Sonic Adventure 2. It has a riffle-shaped Dinner Blaster on the right side of the cockpit and a large and elevated Lock-On Missile launcher on the left side of the rear. On the bottom, it is equipped with two heavily armored legs.
  • Lawsuit - Ken Penders can call his lawyers to sue your ass!


  • Ken Penders tried to get the rights of Scary Godmother but got his fat ass kicked by Jill Thompson

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