Kevin "Cuckerton" Clown
"Hi I'm Kevin"







Kevin the Clown is a friendly Clown in the town of frightside.


Kevin wears a pink clown onesie with green buttons and orange frills. He wears Clown Makeup followed with a red nose and a gay hat.


Kevin was a chubby boy who grew up in the ghetto side of Frightside. As a young boy he always admired clowns such as Buggy and Hisoka. After graduating from Frightside High he went straight to Clown College to pursue his dream of being a clown. He finished at the top of his class with flying 'colors' and got an associates degree in clowning.


Kevin after being Clownnapped.

After graduating Clown College he started working at parties and carnivals. Little did Kevin know but Clown Racism grew larger through out the years. After finishing a kid's party he was clownnapped by a group of thugs. He was beaten and raped several times. After an hour of torture he was left for dead until a nice man came along and took him to the hospital. Kevin has been in Clown Therapy ever since the incident.


  • He's a clown.
  • Kevin has always loved women but will swayed by a man whom may be a clown.
  • Kevin never knew about the rising rates of Clownnappings.
  • Kevin is one of thousands of clowns whom have been affected by the ever rising rate of Clown Racism.
  • Kevin's father was also a clown but was recently murdered in Alabama the state with the highest amount of Clownnappings and beatings.
  • One of Kevin's childhood friends was Soos

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