Khonjin House is the 376th best web-series on the Internet and is also the reason my dick doesn't work anymore. Starring the titular charactit Khonjin igiuL Jr III (Known simply as Khonjin), his quest for a Pe-Pe-Pe-Pe-Pe-Pepperoni Pizza is consistently unfulfilled by Fratelli's Pizza owner Gino "Sexy Tits" Fratelli and his chef, Gay Spaghetti Chef. It has 50 episodes which have all been compiled into a feature-length video labelled 'Khonjin House the Movie' and it is euphoric in nature. There's like some weird lore shit hinting to a different and much more serious type of series around the end but like don't worry about it just watch. If you haven't seen Khonjin House what the fuck are you doing in my house, go watch it, dipshit. A sequel known simply as Khonjin has been made and is being shown on Adult Swim each night at 3:28AM.

IMG 2182

Look at this sexy bitch now that's the face of a hero


Theme Song

Really don't want to get sued,

also here's my Khonjin House


  • This series is SIMPLY THE BEST!
  • Quincy M.E. has made several guest appearances on episodes of Khonjin House
  • The Khonjin House Wiki sucks it doesn't even have Nega-Dad.

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