Khonjin igiuL Jr III is the main protagonist of the Khonjin House webseries. His lifelong ambition is the ownership of a single Pe-pe-pe-pe-pepperoni Pizza from Fratelli's Pizza, a quest that is consistently rejected by Gino "Sexy Tits" Fratelli and his chef, Gay Spaghetti Chef. Khonjin is a confirmed transgender and pizza-sexual. He is the sexiest man alive as well as the host of the hit game show and insult Guess the Answer You Fucking Idiot.

Scary Godmother

Khonjin once called Scary Godmother a bitch who didn't give me my peppy pizza. It is believed the first thing he did when seeing Jimmy Brando's retard incestuous pig face was attempt to kill himself. It sadly did not work. Bug-A-Boo spooked Khonjin the fuck out too.


  • Omnipotence - Seemingly able to bend reality at his will yet never really feels like doing it because like he probably doesn't even realise topkek.
  • Pizza power - The pizza gives him power.
  • Eyes - his eyes are just so sexy i mean come on dude look at those luscious circles.

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