Kyle Phantom is a good person internet troll, who tries to insist to his viewers that he likes "Danny Phantom".

Kyle Phantom
"I'm going ghost!"
Vital statistics
Gender Male(?)
Age 23(?)
Likes Danny Phantom, Rukia, Bleach, Brytt, DBZ, Edginess. Dark Cartoons, Butch Hartman, Yuri
Dislikes Stupid juice, Luffy, One Piece fanboys, Long-running series, Phantom Planet special, Danny fangirls in the comments section
Voice Actors
US: Sonny Strait


Not much is known about this (man?), but what we do know is that he has SHIT taste in anime. What we can also assume is that he is most likely in a relationship with his OC [original character], Kyle, whom is presumably named after himself.

Oh, and he takes HUGE issue with anyone liking "One Piece". Thought I'd put that out there.


  • Did you know that he's not talented enough to write his own fanfiction, so he has to ask his friend to write it for him?
  • Luffy D. Monkey (protagonist of "One Piece: Romance Dawn") reputedly "drank the stupid juice" and "looks like a derp dropped on his head"?
  • He HONESTLY believes that a cartoon with a TVY7 rating, "...could have been darker".
  • He made it a point (in one of his Danny Phantom Youtube Podcasts) to address just HOW much he LOVES his yuri...I'm serious.
    • In addition to this, he also makes it known to his fans that he is NOT a homophobe!
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