Live Action Great Gazoo
"I'm Live Action!"


No information

Honestly I don't know where came from. He seems to be a washed up actor still in character after all these years.


He showed up one morning at my door step. He asked for a glass of milk so I gave him some. He acted like my best friend and now is convinced himself that he lives here. I'm too afraid to ask him to leave again after he threatened to kill my parents. Please, do something about him.


  • He won't stop smiling
  • He takes too long in the bathroom
  • He won't leave me alone
  • He follows me to work
  • I think he even saw me write a bit of this
  • He wants people to know what he has done
  • He raped his own neighbor in order to get another Mini Gazoo which he immediately lost at the mall and he never bothered to look for him
  • He skins cats
  • I wish he would stop telling me fucked up things
  • He's an unlockable perk in Fright Side: IV. He functions as a Mysterious Stranger.

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