Livin' on a Prayer

Japanese Name

塀の中のギャングに会え その②

English Name

Livin' on a Prayer



Manga Debut


Livin' on a Prayer (塀の中のギャングに会え その② Livin on u Prayu) is the Stand of Tyrone


Livin' on a Prayer resembles that of a ghost infused with toast. It has bread shoulder pads and a cross between the eyes. It sports a brown template with gold detailing on the facial characteristics.

The concept was inspired by the time I tried making toast in the bathtub.


Bread Touch: Livin' on a Prayer can turn anything it touches into any bread based fooding primarily turning victims into bread

Gluten Burst: Livin' on a Prayer can raise the gluten level in any food it comes in contact with


  • The user has a gluten problem
  • Others normally call the stand Ghost Toast being it's easier to say
  • The stand shows a strong dislike towards bread based foods
  • I fucking hate Jack from math class
  • No Jack stop taking my notes I need those for the test
  • I'm tired of Jack I'm gonna bring a gun in to scare him
  • I'll teach those kids to never bully me again
  • This stand is better than D4C and Super Fly combined

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