Lucky O'Neil or better known as Lucky the Leprechaun is the cereal mascot for Lucky Charms. He hates children and wants to keep all lucky charms to himself


Lucky was a drunk Irishmen who was arrested on several charges of bootleg and piracy. He was let out on parole and his only chance at redemption was to take a job as a cereal mascot. He agreed and began his life as a leprechaun. After becoming a leprechaun he was harassed because leprechauns are dumb and people believed he was an Irish clown.

One time on set for a new commercial a child came up to Lucky and asked if he can share some of his cereal. Lucky refused out of hatred for children and the child started crying. Lucky picked the kid up and shook him really fast to stop the crying. The child didn't respond and Lucky hid the body in the janitor's closet.


  • Lucky is a big fan of Slice of Life.
  • Lucky has also been charged with manslaughter.
  • Lucky hates marshmallows in his cereal.
  • Every now and then a group of children would chase Lucky down the street then beat him for his Lucky Charms
  • Lucky hates gays