Lurky (私はそれが濁っていないの約束します, Final Form Grimsley) is an uprising voice of the practitional arts of Scary Godmother and the final form of Grimsley. He was tracked down and kidnapped by OTFree and Tommy Dickles on Halloween, where he was taught in the art of SG for an undetermined amount of time.

Early Life and Kidnapping

During the first few years before his kidnapping, Lurky abided in his unnamed haunted house, several blocks away from the Spook House. He was the head chariman of the Society of Edgy Waifu's With Glasses, a cult that he formed at the age of 193.

On October 31st, 2014 (around the same time that Jimmy Brando began his conquest), Lurky awoke to the sound of gam spreading on bread. As he walked into his kitchen to discover the source, a sack smelling of strawberry jam was thrown over his head.

Due to his many concussions throught the years, Lurky is unable to remember the rest of his Early Life and only requests that he not be mistakened for his long lost brother, Murky .

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