Madara Uchiha
New black lantern madara design by chahlesxavier-d74s31i
"I will be the strongest Uchiha!!11"







Madara Uchiha is one of only 5 survivors of the Uchiha clan's side branch massacre along with his 4 other brothers, Black Dynamite, Jones , Martin Luther and Enrico. Madara is the oldest brother. Madara's stand is called 「WAYWARD SON」 and it can turn sons against their families.

Early Life

Despite having the strongest Special Eyes in all of history forever and ever Madara was mostly ignored by his parents who adored his brother Enrico and admired his brother Black Dynamite's Gun Arts. Madara developed a lust for power and plotted in secret to become the biggest most strongest Uchiha

Side Branch Massacre

Madara was the secret perpetrator of the Side Branch Massacre. He killed all of them because he wanted to be the strongest. His brothers to this day do not know he done it.

Life as the Strongest Uchiha

Even though he was the bestest ever Uchiha now he still lusted after more power, knowing there was other stronger warrior clans out there. Through training Madara managed to awaken the Stand 「WAYWARD SON」 and used it to destroy several clans from the inside. Madara is currently believed to be searching for the holy corpse parts but hasn't been seen in over 70 years.

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