"Post a picture of me and I'll sue you," -Mark Cuckerberg. 


Zuckley Hiram Cuckerberg, or Mark, was born on May 14th, 1984 in an Orwellian Doomsday Vault simply known as 1984. Little is known of his upbringing other than his training in code and baking as well as a brief vacation to York New City at the time when many police records were accidentally misplaced. Mark was also believed to have successfully coded a boyfriend free girl before the age of twelve. In 2004 Mark purchased Harvard University and sold if off for the world's peanut supply making him Time's most nutty guy since Jimmy Carter.

After interrogating Tom Anderson for his Rice Crispy Recipe only to find it was shit, Mark compensated the ordeal by making the social media site MySpace+, now known as the TheFaceBook. Tom sued but Mark counter sued and managed to win. With the site's rising popularity Mark's friends mysteriously began to disappear giving him full control of the site which he later gave to Lex Ooober three hours before its stocks fell 80%. The experience made Mark one of the richest Jews alive.

MI6 Drama

In 2014 Mark ran into trouble with MI6, aka CIA of England. The agents were upset with Mark's continuous government hacking and began to make negative Pepe memes of Mark. In response Mark staged a coup of the United Kingdom's government to shut them up. The regime is ongoing.

Neo Scary Godmother Feud

On August 20th, 2016 Mark engaged in a quasi feud with Neo Scary Godmother after discovering they had the nerve to make fun of his abnormally large nose. Mark then used their computer cameras to take pictures of them and do strange things with them in photoshop. To this day it is unknown what he does with the photos at night.

Involvement with the Spooky World

Mark owns 28% of Spirit World's stock and has collected many spooky artifacts over the years. Thees artifacts include the Vile Vial and Steve Buscemi's career. Mark has also employed a bodyguard unit known as the 'Vanguard' which consists exclusively of lvl 90 demons. Over the passed few years Mark has made several sudden trips to Spirit World and Fright Side possibly to gather resources for his upcoming 2020 classified project.

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