Marlene (or Marlène) is Scamboli's daughter, and initially is portrayed as a stereotypical spoiled rich girl. It is eventually revealed that she is a more complex character, interested in ecological preservation and semi-technophobic. She is torn between her love for her father and the environment, as he refuses to stop attacking it. She wears her hair in pigtails, kept back with a series of coloured hooplike hair bands.

Bench Squad

In Bench Squad, Marlene went to Tails' house in secret to warn him about her father taking over the world. After her father died, she took the role as Mayor of Kindaville (Formally Scamboville) and promise all the citizens to take care of the Earth or some shit like that.

Bench Squad Season 3

Marlene lost the right as Mayor because of Matpat's bullshit theory and wants to get her role back. She joined the Bench Squad to get her job back. After Matpat died, she became mayor again.

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